Being environmental conscious is now one of the trending subjects that everyone wants to read. People look forward to eliminating every potential source which can some way or the other harm the environment. From going green to recycling waste, human race is doing everything to save the planet.

We were surprised and moreover glad when at our car wash port in South Melbourne, there were clients who prioritized their concern for eco-friendly car washing. The good news is we ourselves have always been an expert of hand car wash who deploys greener and safer products for the use. In our earlier blog, we said that commercial cleaning should be adopted. Nevertheless, there are people who love cleaning at home, so for you here are some tips-

  • Prefer automatic shutoff valve or spray nozzle which is ergonomic, easy to use and save up to 70 gallons of water.
  • Where standard soap and detergents make use of chemicals, a DIY window cleaner with vinegar and water, or DIY organic wax with olive oil are better options.
  • Washing your car on the grass is a brilliant suggestion, because what happens is the chemicals like oil and gas are filtered in the soil. Also the run-off water will be absorbed by your lawn.
  • Use energy efficient vacuum for removing dirt, debris and dust. Moreover turn the washing to a waterless cleaning with spray and buff.

In case you want to approach commercial cleaners for hand car wash or car detailing, call Carrera Car Wash Café at 03 96828575.