Car Panel Beating Melbourne

Carrera Car Wash is the leading car panel beaters South Melbourne and has built a strong reputation for high quality repairs of cars. Our repair process involves straightening chassis rails and frames, removing and re-welding panels, fixing dents, etc. We ensure that all replaced and repaired parts and components fit properly and function smoothly. Our exclusive range of service includes:

  • Fleet Smash Repair
  • Auto Spray Painting and Refinishing
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Car Detailing

Car panel beating services may vary according to the service providers. But the process that we follow makes the work effective

  • Determine the Damage: Firstly, we assess the damage to the car and determine the required steps to be taken. As per our analysis, we then disassemble the damaged panels and components by unbolting or cutting them. This helps us in repairing and replacing the damaged parts. The estimation depends on the kind of repair needed by the panel beaters.
  • Prepare for the Repairs: Our experts will start the repair work by detaching the parts from the car and storing them safely in our parts storage room. All the damage parts are replaced by genuine and quality ones.
  • Align the Body: Our panel beaters then work on aligning the body parts of the vehicle. We ensure that each part is finely aligned according to the complexity of the damage.
  • Repairing and Replacing the Panels: With the use of proper tools like Welding Clamp Set, Tec Spot Welder, Suction Dent Puller, etc., we work on repairing and replacing the panels to carefully reshape and align panels and components as done in the factory.
  • Finalise the Repair: After completing the repairing work, we inspect the vehicle and go through the checklist in order to ascertain nothing is left incomplete or unattended. This practice of us has contributed a lot in gaining customers’ trust.

We are the leading car panel beaters South Melbourne service providers, ensuring that your vehicles are repaired by our team of professionals and are committed to provide high quality craftsmanship valuing your money and time. Each of the part replaced carries a warranty and are manufactured by the top companies.

You can call us to know more about our panel beating service for vehicles of new and old models to make your car run for a longer time and have a good reselling value.