Carrera Car Wash Cafe Melbourne

How about enjoying a cup of coffee while your car is getting cleaned? Carrera Car Wash offers the best car wash cafe Melbourne with a good setup and different menus to try out. From beverages, to hot chips and burgers, we ensure none of our customer is disappointed when it comes to satisfying his or her taste buds as well as filling the stomach.

The car wash cafe isn’t about filling the appetite. In fact, it is a sanctuary for cars where they come in littered with dirt and stains and return like a car just roll out of the showroom. We provide washing, cleaning and detailing service for cars manufactured in one place, assemble in another, and sold elsewhere. We work with advanced tools and equipment for cleaning the car and ensure your car is washed thoroughly inside out before handing over the key to you.

Whether, you own a Mercedes or Lexus, we have the experience to clean both the interior and exterior of these expensive vehicles gently and with tenderness. You can have a walk through our Carrera Car Wash Cafe South Melbourne and check how we work and what we serve. We work with specific tool that goes with a particular car model. So you don’t have to worry about the after servicing result.

Enjoy the Best Time at the Cafe:

While your vehicle is being washed, you can enjoy freshly made food and drinks from our cafe menu prepared by an experienced chef. You can treat yourself with different delicacies. If you have kids along, then they can have their best time at our cafe. If you’re a business person and want a silence zone, then bring your laptop and work without disturbance in the cafe. We offer free internet service to our customers. So relax and enjoy the best food at the Carrera Car Wash Cafe South Melbourne, while your car is donning a new look that will have you awestruck.