Car Detailing Melbourne

Car detailing is a process that has to be carried out carefully and with attention to detail. It’s not like the usual cleaning or washing work that is done at any ordinary car washing center. There are many things involved from removing and vacuuming the floor mat to cleaning carpet, repairing carpet holes, and using detailing brushes. At Carrera Car Wash, we not only strive to make the car look ‘new,’ but we actually make it ‘new.’ We truly do deep cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car and justify the word ‘car detailing.’ We have special tools that help us in reconditioning of the vehicle.

Our idea is to dazzle you with our work by enhancing the beauty of your car and adding more value to your investment. With a good number of workforce, we are fast and efficient in delivering your vehicle in the given deadline. Nothing can fetch you a better price when reselling your vehicle than Car detailing service Melbourne

We believe that car detailing is extremely important not only for improving its face value, but extract maximum pleasure in using it. For car owners, the vehicle is a major asset. Hence, keeping it clean and damage-free maximises the resale value and makes it easier to sell.

Car detailing services provide detailed check over the vehicle, so that chipped paintwork or corrosion spotted can be resolved. At Carrera Car Wash we use steps which include polishing, car paint protection and cleaning. Car paint protection is designed to offer alternative protection to waxing. It protects the car paint for longer period.

At Carrera Car Wash we follow these steps:

  • Seats and carpets vacuum
  • Interior door panels cleaning
  • Tires and wheels cleaning
  • High Pressure spray
  • Dash and console rejuvenated
  • Door rubbers cleaning
  • Replacing of damaged parts

We’ve different types of detailing:

  • Express Wash
  • Grand Express
  • Additional Services
  • Inside & Out

The price for car detailing services depends on the time required and type of detailing needed to be done. We’ve different packages for the detailing service which the car owner can select and quote for the service. To make you more comfortable and special, our executives will arrive at your place to pick your car and drop it back once the detailing is done. Our aim is to make your car looking brand new that maximizes its value and help in getting the best price. So book your service and give your car a new look.