Why Carwashes Must Follow Lockout And Tagout Procedures

Washing a car requires manual as well as  mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic energy sources through machines and equipment. Sometimes, the release of unusual or unexpected energy in machines and equipment causes serious injury or death to workers. To control the hazardous energy, car detailing port Melbourne is following the efficient lock/tag out procedures.


The lockout/tagout or LOTO procedure is an effective way to control hazardous energy during maintenance and car washing activities. This procedure helps in minimizing workplace accidents in the car wash industry. Several car wash owners have faced serious issues by not adhering to the LOTO program. There are other car care businesses that have implemented it just for the sake of following the law and not in its true sense.


The OSHA’s LOTO program is a practice that disable machinery or equipment to prevent the release of hazardous energy. It is the responsibility of car wash owners to protect their employees from getting injured by hazardous energy. A reputed car wash South Melbourne also trains its employees on how to use the LOTO procedures. Besides training, the car wash also uses written instructions for workers to follow which ensures that no steps are skipped or missed in the washing process. If all the car care businesses follow LOTO plan strictly, workplace accidents can surely be controlled.


Other than training employees, it is also necessary to provide them necessary clothing. Car wash owners can protect slip and trips by giving workers slip-resistant footwear. Moreover, coating the wash tunnel floor with nonslip epoxy will also prevent slip occurrences. Preventing accidents at any season is imperative for car care businesses. As per South Melbourne car detailing, clearing the surroundings and following preventive steps are important in saving workers from injuries.


According to the car wash port Melbourne, there are several types of workplace accidents that happen in the car wash industry. These incidences may vary according to the wash type. Being familiar with the risk associated with car care business is useful for car wash owners to protect their employees as well as their business. The most common types of workplace accidents are slipping, tripping, and falling. Sometimes, mishaps happen in the car wash tunnel when the hose used in cleaning the area accidentally gets wrapped with a piece of equipment lying around, which causes serious injuries to the worker or damages the vehicle. Most of these major and minor accidents can be prevented by implementing the lockout/tagout procedure.


Providing excellent car wash service is essential to keep customers satisfied. But it is equally important to protect your workers from injuries. This is possible only if you adhere to OSHA’s LOTO practice and procedures. Whether your employees are offering express mini detail, full detail, steam cleaning, or hand car wash Melbourne,  ensure all the potential safety risks are thoroughly checked.