Automated Car washing services Vs Hand Car Washing Services

When selecting a car washer often people are confused about the cleaning method preferences. Sometimes, full automation is offered and at other times, the services are manual. Which one is the better among the two?

Automated car washing is a super quick and convenient way to quickly clean your car. With growing technology and upgrades to these automated car washes, there is a smaller chance of the machine damaging your cars finish if it is used correctly. Given that the machine is also able to clean and shine your car within 10 minutes also gives it great appeal. If you are an individual that is hand washing your own car, the fastest you can hope for is 30 minutes, and in this time, you are probably covered in suds and water.

However, some may argue that hand car washing is a better approach, as it is able to get into areas that automated car washing sometimes cannot. Some sources even say that given that automated car washing can only do so much, and that the most amateur hand car wash might even do a better job. In addition, it has also been noted that automatic washers do not usually have regularly replaced machine parts, meaning that if your car is being washed with broken parts, it may leave scratches or damages to your car’s finish. Lastly, one of the biggest benefits of hand car washes is that the professionals are able to identify damage to your car’s surface, and be able to offer solutions that will prevent further damage.

A compromise between the both may be seen as the best solution. An automated car wash can get rid of the bulk of the dirt and grime, whereas a hand wash will be able to get into all the hard to reach areas, as well as providing proper car detailing, polishing and waxing to your car’s finish.

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