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Keep Your Car Shining With Apt Car Wash Service

We at Carrera car wash are a bunch of wonderful humans who love and have passion for cars the way our customers do. We understand how precious a car is to our customers and we value that. We treat your car right and make it shine again after our special hands make it sparkle especially after a hand car wash. If you are thinking to make your car sparkle and shine before you go on a holiday or go for the dinner you had planned and want to make the perfect impression we suggest you should definitely visit us and we will make sre your car looks the best again. While your enjoy your favourite coffee going through all the news that you have missed so far, (yes we have free wifi!) rest assured the car is in safe hands and within minutes will be ready for you to drive away.

Some of the services we offer include paint protection, steam cleaning. We suggest you go for the full detail package which helps you restore your vehicles lost shine. Our team includes certified spray painter who make sure the pain protection layer is neatly applied. The service also includes engine bay cleaning and car detailing from the inside.

The inside and outside wash which the most favoruite of all customers includes vaccum cleaning from inside and one can ad a few more services by using our ad on pakages for that extra care.

You can do your bit to protect the environment by opting for a hand car wash it consumes 50% less water than the automatic water showers and avoids wastage. A hand car wash also gives your car a human touch giving it that extra amount of care needed while cleaning your car. We also make sure we clean the car parts which a machine wont for example backside of the mudflaps and alloy wheels. During a hand clean wash we always use recycled water and use the best quality products to clean your car. We hope to see you soon and we guarantee we will hand ove your car back within 30 minutes.