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Tips on Interior and Exterior Car Detailing

When it comes to washing a car, every eight out of ten car owners avoid it since it is a time consuming activity and leaves ones fatigued. If you are the one who loves doing things on your own and rejoice seeing your efforts come to fruition, these tips on interior and exterior car detailing are for you.

Start with the interior first

Interior detailing of the car is tougher than the exterior. There are many areas inside the car that are neglected because of limited space. Start with moving the front seats to the extreme back. Clean the seat track with a damp sponge or a utility towel.  Wipe the centre console and area between the seat track. Moreover, the area behind the seat backs is where the debris is collected. Fold it forward if it has a release, and remove the junk.

For the interior plastic parts like the dashboard, use a damp sponge or a pumice block. The latter one is an ideal tool for removing pet hair from the floor mat. However, it should be used carefully since rough handling may cause scratch marks on the hard plastic parts and on the floor mat. If you want them shinier and without any scratch, use south Melbourne car detailing service.

For the carpet and mats, start with removing dirt that is visible. Many car detailing services prefer dry-scrubbing the carpet, which helps in loosening dirt seated deep inside the carpet fibres. After that, use a brush-equipped polisher and scrub the carpet. If the carpets and mats are full with grime, take the car for car detailing service.

Cleaning the car exterior

Wash the upper portion of the car exterior first with soapy water using light detergent. Use a utility towel to clean the roof. But when cleaning the window, ensure you work with two separate towels. If you use the same piece of cloth, it is possible that the residue stuck on it might leave scratch marks on the windows. As you come down cleaning from the top, use a brush made of soft boar hair for detailing areas where you cannot use your hand, such as the space around and under the door handles, emblem, and grille.  After detailing, work with a soft wool cloth to wipe it clean. Use a clay bar to clean the hood and trunk. But before using it, make sure to keep them lubricated with a car wash solution for the bar might spoil the paint on the car. If you don’t want the paint to lose its shine, take your car to car detailing south Melbourne

For the lower portion of the car’s exterior such as the exhausts, chrome, wheel, and wheel wells, rinse them with soapy water and then spray liquid wax. Turn the direction of the wheels to access all the areas. For dressing the wheels, spray diluted dressing. Ensure that the dressing does not spoil the plastic and the coating on the wheels. If you want a shiny emblem, grille, chrome, and exhausts, visit  car detailing port Melbourne.